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Sign up now for just £29 per month to activate your personal online virtual marketing department.

At just £29 per month this tool will pay its way for years, generating more profits for you and your company. Sign up now for a free trial and start creating all the marketing collateral you need to help you win that next instruction.

Welcome to One Stop Property marketing

Your personal online virtual marketing department

We help busy agents save time and money by giving them the tools to market their services to win new business. Our browser based system will help any non technical person produce day-to-day marketing collateral fast, print ready and on brand.

Watch how easy it is to use the One Stop Property Marketing tool

Personalised for you

Upload your company logo, colours and contact details so that each marketing item is automatically branded for you.
Once logged in you can choose from all the marketing collateral stored online, each time you select a new template the design will be wrapped with your branding, ready for you to create a new print ready item of marketing.

Multiple branches

Extra branches can be added along with extra users, giving your teams the tools to win more business, with the safe knowledge that everything is on brand across your company.

No software required.

Put together bespoke brochures using just your web browser, with the option to download low resolution PDFs, or high resolution print ready PDFs. This gives you the flexibility to send brochures via email, print in house or send to your local printer, at no additional cost.

Property Brochures

  • Access to a large selection beautifully designed customisable brochures
  • Different size brochures to cater for large and small properties
  • Tell your clients that you don’t just ‘show property’…‘you SHOW OFF property’

Bespoke Boards

  • Be known as a pioneering, trend setting agent with bespoke boards
  • Show hidden properties, great views or other selling points
  • Make vendors feel special with their own personalised board


  • Beat your competitors to new instructions – no artwork to approve or amend – just print ready PDF’s
  • Get your message across by producing bespoke leaflets in house
  • Be more than an average estate agent – be a professional marketer of property

Valuation brochure

  • Win more Instructions and at higher fees
  • Impress potential vendors with your outstanding attention to detail
  • Stand out from your competitors

Moving Brochure

  • Don’t just sell property – Help your clients move
  • Be better estate agents than your competition
  • Get vendors recommending you because of your professionalism

Virtual Staging*

  • Gain extra instructions by offering Virtual Staging
  • Make empty properties more valuable and sell quicker
  • Have a Unique Selling Point over your competitors

This service is not included within your standard monthly charge* Prices on application

Stage spaces. Visually.

The do-it-yourself virtual home staging software that lets you stage photos in minutes!



One Stop property marketing is fantastic, with the so many different designs and types of marketing material available we can successfully use the software to help sell anything from £250,000 flat to a mansion costing £20,000,000 without even leaving our desk….it’s absolutely brilliant.


Chris Dellar

One of the beauties of One Stop property marketing is that When I’m on valuations I can offer potential vendors bespoke marketing packages, for instance we can use a countryside style brochure that’s perhaps suited to a rural property or a more modern style to brochure that’s perfect for a newer home, this sort of unique selling point gives me the edge over my competition, it’s great!

Chris Dellar

Ian McKenzie

In over 30 years of being an estate agent I can honestly say that apart from the major property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla I believe this is the biggest single development I have seen, it’s fantastic software, easy to use and provides an almost instantaneous return on investment.

I don’t think The question is why would you use one Stop property marketing? the question is why
wouldn’t you?

Ian McKenzie


The buy out option is fabulous, I can make sure that my competition doesn’t have the same advantages that OSPM gives me.



No more design fees to pay, no more artwork to amend, just cutting edge marketing material on tap that keeps me one step ahead of the competition…well done one stop property marketing!



I love the speed and convenience the software offers, I could sell a house one day and the next day be canvassing the immediate area with bespoke leaflets!



As a domestic energy accessor one Stop property marketing gives me another profit centre, as well as doing the standard epc, floor plans and photos I can now supply brochures and other marketing material and earn a lot more profit.


Q) Are there any set-up fees?

A) There are no setup fees for new clients


Q) Is there any minimum period for using the One Stop Property Marketing Portal?

A) One month


Q) So if I want to cancel during quieter times like Christmas and the Summer holidays I can?

A) Yes, you can cancel whenever you want, we don’t want to tie clients into lengthy contracts


Q) Can I reactivate my member after cancelling?

A) Yes, no problem – this is, however, a £90/branch fee to reactivate your account


Q) I want to use One Stop Property marketing for the multiple branches, do I get a discount?

A) Yes, monthly charges per branch would be as follows…

1-3 £75 per month/branch
4-8 £60 per month/branch
8 + £50 per month/branch

ie cost for an Estate Agent, or a reseller (like a DEA or Photographer) for 7 branches would be…

3 x £75 = £225
4 x £60 = £240
TOTAL = £465


Q) I’m a DEA/photographer can I act as a reseller?

A) Yes, please see charges above


Q) If I recommend One Stop Property Marketing to someone can I get paid a commission?

A) Absolutely, please call us to discuss terms


Q) Will there be more designs added to the portal?

A) Yes, we will be frequently adding new designs and keeping up with the latest trends


Q) Will I be able to print directly with One Stop Property Marketing?

A) Yes, soon. We are currently working on this


Q) Who will do my printing until the direct print goes live?

A) You can use a printer of your choice, or we can recommend some printers to you


Q) Can One Stop Property Marketing help me with other property related issues?

A) Yes, we can help you with Branding, designs, logos, websites and photography training


Q) We love One Stop Property Marketing so much we don’t want our competitors having it, can we have exclusively?

A) Yes, you can ‘buy out’ other agents for £15/month, please call us to discuss full terms